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Avery Knifeworks is proud to provide an excellent product in terms of functionality and aesthetics. As tools are used, they will experience wear and tear. That’s why we offer our craftsman’s services to help keep your Avery Knifeworks blades in pristine condition, for free, for the lifetime of your knife.


All sales are final. Please contact us with any questions regarding our exchange policy.

Our knives are always covered under “Normal Wear and Tear” as listed below;

-Slight, surface level rust and oxidation 
-Minor scratches in the blade or handle surface
-Dulling and/or very minor chipping to the sharpened edge or tip. 

These types of wear and tear will be fixed for free under our “Free Sharpening and Maintenance Policy”. Remember, when you aren’t sure if a blemish is covered for free, just reach out and we will let you know what we can do for you. 

If damages to your knife fall outside of “Normal Wear and Tear”, you may be responsible for costs of materials and time to replace or repair your knife. Misuse and abuse of your knife will void this warranty. Misuse and abuse can be subjective terminology, that’s why our craftsman will always take time to evaluate damage and educate the customer on the proper usage of the tools he creates. 

Each knife comes with one free handle replacement, in the instance that the handle is damaged to the point of non-functionality, outside of misuse and abuse. Remember, your knife is a cutting tool. Ensure the knife is made to handle what you’re asking of it. Pinecones cast in resin handles do not fall under the ability to receive a free handle replacement due to it's unique organic material if it is pre-ordered on a model we do not recommend. This is due to needing enough width on a handle for the resin. Any knife purchased with a pinecone handle that is not a pre-order will qualify for a handle replacement if damaged outside. of misuse and abuse. 

The vast majority of our handles cannot be replaced with an exact copy. This is due to the usage of highly characteristic, organic materials. We will always strive to ensure the customer is happy with a replacement handle before the work is completed. 

Need sharpening or maintenance to your knife?

We can do it for you for free! Just get the knife to us by either dropping off or shipping to our showroom in Banner Elk, NC. (If shipping, please provide a return label or have us charge you for shipping back)


Shipping Address:

2780 Tynecastle Hwy

Banner Elk, NC 28604

Tips for keeping your knife new!

  • Use only wooden cutting boards

  • Do not cut into frozen items

  • Do not put your knife into a dishwasher

  • Ensure your knife and the inside of your sheath are dry before sheathing your knife

  • Take your knife out of your sheath periodically to check for rust and/or apply oil to the blade. A blade can still rust inside of a "dry" sheath. As air moisture content changes, your blade may be exposed to oxidation even inside of it's sheath

  • Occasionally putting a light coat of odor-less, color-less oil helps keep your blade's rust free appearance

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