Avery Knifeworks Origins

Meet the Craftsman

Raleigh Avery 

 Age 20

As seen on History's "Mountain Men"
Raleigh Avery has been crafting custom knives for the past 5 years.  
In addition to running Avery Knifeworks on his own, Raleigh is a full time student at Appalachian State University pursuing a degree in Marketing to further support his business.
Raleigh works with his friend and mentor Eustace Conway at Turtle Island Preserve, learning nearly forgotten work ethics while teaching and continuing the old ways of life.

"Since early childhood I've been one to tinker and explore, I grew up in the woods outside of my suburban neighborhood and whatever sort of  'shop' I could create for myself. The culmination of my skills and passions came together when I was introduced to knife-making by Preston Roberts, a master craftsman and educator, who later became a mentor and friend. I was so blessed to have that opportunity and I am still growing with it today. It's a passion and a dream come true to be spending my time devoted to my craft, working with my hands and creative spirit to produce highly functional art."

Raleigh Avery,

Owner and Sole Craftsman

Avery Knifeworks 

Since 2015

Avery Knifeworks' first blade was crafted in the fall of 2015. As of fall 2019 over 650 unique blades have been crafted out of a passion for creating high quality products with longevity and meaning. Starting his business as a freshman in high school, much of Raleigh Avery's free time as a young man was devoted to his craft and growing Avery Knifeworks. The business now boasts hundreds of sales to more than half the 50 states and 4 countries, with thousands of followers worldwide!