With so many chefs knives on the market, why this one?


My unique knives have charcter because of my fundamental beliefs on the creation of functional art. I beleive that form follows function, but form also follows process.  When you look at an Avery Knifeworks blade, I want you to see the story of its creation. When my late teacher, Preston Roberts, crafted a blade it would be pristine at first glance. As you further inspect the blade you could see the remnants of all of the steps leading to the finished product like forge scale and sanding scratches. The blade is an unfinished-finished work that tells its own story, never to be repeated exactly again. Thats what makes my blades functional art.     

 -Raleigh Avery


Blade Length: 8 inches

Overall Length: 12.25 inches

Thickness: .0625 inches at spine 

Alloy: Nitro-V Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Purple Haze and beech


This knife comes with a kydex sheath to make it safe inside of a drawer. 



8" Chefs Knife - Purple Haze and Beech