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The Copper Shark

Due to pure copper’s historically and scientifically noted antimicrobial properties, the Copper Shark™ provides a barrier between your hands and germs that make you sick. In addition to being a bottle opener and flathead screwdriver, the tool can push open doors, flush toilets, and keep your hands from touching infected surfaces. Make sure to check out both the first and second generation Copper Sharks™ below! 

Made in the USA.

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Copper Shark™ Original
Copper Shark™ Gen 2

The Original

Gen 2

Both are ergonomical tools designed to keep your hands off of germ-ridden surfaces. Copper's antimicrobial nature helps to keep you safe from microbes such as viruses. The smooth machined design and size make for an easy everyday carry tool. Whether it be in your pocket or on your keychain, Copper Shark™ is a convenient companion to carry anytime, anywhere. 

"Not your average Antimicrobial Copper tool..." Military Hunting and Fishing.com

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About Avery Knifeworks

Raleigh Avery has been making handcrafted knives since the age of Fourteen. Seven years later, Avery Knifeworks has sold handmade knives internationally and in 42 states. Specializing in custom hunting and everyday-carry fixed blades. Avery Knifeworks is a go-to for anyone who needs a durable tool and desires functional art. 


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