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 You've come to the right place! Below you will find a list of available options for materials and a photo gallery of knives for design inspiration. Use the boxes below to fill out your contact info and specified design elements of your knife.

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Blade Steel

High Carbon Steel

(If desired, ask for specific alloy ex. 10-series steel)

Damascus Steel

(ask for certain patterns if desired)

Stainless Steel

Railroad Spike (handle and knife are from spike)

Finger Guard Material

Brass             Aluminum          Antler

Bronze            Steel                 Carbon Fiber($$$)

Copper            Wood

Handle Material

Wood                         Micarta

(please specify for

desired species                                           Paracord

ex. Walnut, Cherry, Locust)                  

Antler                           G-10

Resin/Wood                  Kirinite

Carbon Fiber($$$)         Composite(plastic)

Bone                             Pinecone Resin

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